Delivering the first national network of self-pay providers

REDU Health's cash-pay database provides clarity & choice for patients seeking affordable care options 

Our flexible price transparency solution focuses on self-payers

Did you know that "cash-pay" discounts oftentimes beat prices offered by standard PPO networks & health discount plans?


Avoid the markup game & stop paying high monthly fees for tiny discounts 

Our Purpose

We're solving the . . .

“I wish I knew the costs & alternatives before the trip to the hospital” 

. . . problem for your employees


What Do REDU?

We collect the cash prices (inclusive of discounts) for:

  • Hundreds of shoppable services 

  • Hospitals & Freestanding Emergency Rooms

  • Ambulance Services

  • Urgent Care Clinics

  • Walk-In Clinics

  • Imaging Clinics

  • Labs

  • Telemedicine

  • Vision

  • Dental (coming soon)

Enabling use cases:

  • Integration into provider search tool

  • Navigation tool identifies alternatives sites of care

  • Replacement of Health Discount Plans

  • Consumer tool for non-covered ancillary services

  • Complements PPO plans

Members make better choices eliminating unnecessary health care expenses

Phenomenal Coverage
National Hospital Coverage
All 50 states with 25% coverage
Urgent Care Clinics
45 states with >75% coverage
Retail Health Clinics
39 states with >85% coverage

The REDU Health Difference



REDU Health

Full Picture

Provides a complete view of nearby alternatives locations & pricing


Presents options & analysis w/o source limitations


Continuously updated & served via APIs 


Flexible options; saving employers

up to 90% 





Data Gaps

Missing EMS, ER facility charges & limited urgent /immediate care locations & pricing


Data agreements restrict when & how to display information 


Data lags of up to 9 months;

Sent via large files


Inflexible licensing options;

Passthrough pricing

How REDU Health adds value

Integration:  Easily integrates with existing doctor search, transparency tools or claims pricers

Bundled Actionable Data:  Unique cost info packaged with multiple care options. Supports concierge & app directed solutions

Unrestricted Data:  Unencumbered data / no restrictions on how it can be used to drive savings

Our Team

Touré McCluskey


Rich Stephenson


Raj Sundaram

System Architect


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REDU empowers members through Healthcare Consumerism

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