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It's time to be upfront about the price of health care

The Problem


Businesses overpay for health benefits at the members' expense.

  1. Companies overpay for inadequate coverage

  2. Members overpay on services and procedures

  3. Rising costs of health care puts more and more people below the poverty line


of Americans are currently pursued by a collections agency for medical debt. 



of the median income in America is consumed by health insurance premiums and deductible costs.


of adults report delaying or going without medical care due to costs.

What We Do


We make the cost of care, perfectly clear.

Our national self-pay discount network empowers employees and members to confidently spend their health care dollars with transparent, upfront pricing.

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How It Works

How it works

The REDU Health comprehensive search solution helps users avoid high, unnecessary health care expenses and surprise bills, so they can focus on what really matters - their health.
Locate health care providers near you
Locate providers near you

Search for services, facilities, and providers based on your location and symptoms.

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Access transparent self-pay pricing

Compare discounted self-pay prices, which are typically lower than PPO rates. 

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Avoid surprise

Know the price of your visit upfront and avoid those unanticipated charges.

Who We Serve


REDU Health for

Empower freelancers and gig workers with cost-effective health care alternatives.

Attract more talent

Increase job appeal with flexible and affordable care options that support workers wherever they are.

Empower your employees

Help workers avoid unnecessary trips to the ER, historically high healthcare costs, and surprise bills.

Decrease staff attrition

Decrease attrition by providing cost-effective care for staff who aren't prepared to give up benefits entirely.

See Coverage in Your Area

  • 50 states: 25% Hospital

  • 45 states: >75% Urgent Care

  • 39 states: >85% Retail Health

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Know your options before. No surprise bills after.

Doctors and health care facilities set different prices for the same services. So, not only do you not know what you're being charged, other doctors could offer the same service for half the cost, and you'd never know. We think that's a problem - so we're fixing it.


The REDU Health Difference

REDU Health is a team of patient advocates promoting the power of choice through transparent and cost-effective health care solutions.


Search tools limit your options to specific providers with pricing that's unclear or color-coded.

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Data agreements determine what information is available and provide biased results.

Data is not actively updated or maintained and can be up to 9 months behind.

Licensing and usage options are inflexible and expensive with passthrough pricing.

REDU Health

Search tools provide access to a broad self-pay network with clear and accurate pricing.

All cost options and providers are provided without biases, limitations or restrictions.

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Data is accurate and continuously updated using real-time APIs.

Flexible licensing and usage options are inexpensive and can reduce costs up to 80%.

Add the power of price transparency directly into your existing health care search or calculator tools.
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Flexible Integrations

Integrates easily with existing doctor or facility search tools and pricing calculators.

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Customizable data that supports concierge and app-directed solutions.

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Unrestricted Information

Access to unaltered data that's free of restrictions provides actual prices, not symbols.



Let's get started

See how much you can save with better access to affordable health care. 

Thanks for submitting!

Many ask . . . It’s pronounced “Ree - Doo”

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